How we do it—the Lectical Dictionary

wood-cube2Almost all of today's standardized educational assessments are technologically sophisticated, but Lectical Assessments are both technologically and scientifically sophisticated. We think of our approach as the "rocket science" of educational assessment. And Lectica's mission as a whole can be thought of, in part, as an ambitious and research-intensive engineering project.

Our aim is nothing less than a comprehensive account of human learning that covers the verbal lifespan. You can think of this account as a "taxonomy of learning". At its core is the Lectical Dictionary, a continuously vetted and growing developmental inventory of the English language. We use this dictionary to support our understanding of the development of specific concepts and skills. It's also at the heart of CLAS, our electronic scoring system, and our as-yet-unnamed developmental spell checker. Every Lectical Assessment that's taken helps us increase the accuracy of the Lectical Dictionary, and every Lectical Assessment we create expands its scope. 

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